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Client Services

Personalized Attention

Each Client is Unique

CLIENT SATISFACTION. Our clients typically remain with us for many years. One reason for this level of satisfaction is that we have learned, over time, how to respond to individual client preferences. Some clients want to learn the details of specific investment strategies; others prefer to focus only on the larger picture. Some clients need frequent communication with the advisor; others value a greater degree of privacy. Regardless of the issue, our goal is to remain flexible enough to meet the individual expectations of each client.

PHONE CALL RETURN POLICY. The great majority of phone calls to our office are answered immediately or are returned the same day. Our policy is to return all other calls, at the very latest, by the end of the next business day.

CLIENT APPOINTMENT FREQUENCY. Typically, clients meet with the advisor either in person or by phone or by e-mail every 6, 12, or 18 months. The appointment frequency is determined by the client.

Quarterly Performance Reports

Accurate Rates of Return & Tax Information

RATES OF RETURN. Clearly stated rates of return on investment accounts are often difficult to obtain. Prospective clients with traditional brokerage accounts often have no way of knowing, in percentage terms, how their portfolios are actually performing. Much of the investment industry seems to assume that disclosing rates of return would be a disillusioning experience for investors.

INFORMED CLIENTS. We believe the opposite to be true: the more our clients understand about their portfolios the more satisfied they are as investors. For more than twenty-eight years we have reported rates of return to our clients on both a quarterly and an annual basis. We then compare those rates of return against industry benchmarks so that our clients can make independent evaluations regarding portfolio performance.

CPA COORDINATION. When directed by the client, we send a duplicate copy of our reports directly to the client’s CPA. Over the years we have received many positive comments from clients and accountants regarding the quality of these reports.

Flexible Fee Schedule

The Client Selects the Most Attractive Fee Schedule

  Consultations and special projects are billed at the rate of $400 per hour.  Normally, there is no charge for the first 50 minutes of consultation, either in person or on the phone.  In most cases this gives both the client and the advisor enough time to determine if further communication would be desirable. 

PERCENTAGE FEES.  Percentage fees range from 0.25% to 1.25% of assets under management per year.  The exact amount varies depending upon the size of the account, the amount of support requested by the client, and whether the account is phone based or office based.  The major advantage to the client of percentage fees is that the advisor’s compensation is tied to performance.  The advisor’s compensation will increase only if client assets grow; conversely, the advisor’s compensation will decrease if client assets decline. 

ANNUAL RETAINER FEES.  Rather than a fluctuating fee, some clients prefer a fixed retainer.  The amount of the retainer is determined by several factors, including the size of the account, the amount of support requested by the client, and whether the account is phone based or office based.  The major advantage to the client of an annual retainer is that the fee is fixed and known in advance.

MINIMUM FEE & MINIMUM ACCOUNT SIZE.   There is no minimum account size.  However, the minimum annual fee, with the exception noted below, is $4,000.  Effectively, this fee dictates that investment assets should start at around $400,000.  The exception is for smaller accounts, particularly 401(k) accounts, into which regular deposits are being made.  In such cases, we normally quote a lower minimum fee based upon how rapidly account assets are accumulating.  Fees are negotiable.